Gardiner Ridge Riders
P O Box 64, So. Gardiner, ME  04359-0064

Serving the communities of Gardiner and South Gardiner, Maine.

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PRESIDENT:  Brian Winchester (441-1805)
TREASURER: Josh Cambellton 
TRAILMASTER:  Kevin Paulhus


If you live in Gardiner or South Gardiner, PLEASE call any of the club officers listed above for information relating to becoming a member of the Gardiner Ridge Riders! WE NEED YOU!

Membership dues are $17 for an individual, $22 for a family, and $30 for a business. If you ride the Gardiner / S. Gardiner trails, you are really encouraged to join the club. Note that you don't have to be a snowmobiler to join.

When you sign up, you'll receive a free years subscription to The Maine Snowmobiler, published monthly by the Maine Snowmobile Association.


We accept donations! We need a new sled to do a better job grooming in the area. If you ride our groomed trails, think about sending us a few bucks. Thanks!

send donations to:

Gardiner Ridge Riders

P.O. Box 64

Gardiner, Maine 03459

Member of MSA